Created in nature, from local wood, with love and passion, to serve you best.
Every spoon, ladle, mixing spoon is unique, handcrafted without any power tools.

The story of every spoon begins by the forest, reach of Maribor. I'm convinced, that when the nature, human and piece of wood are united in that kind of way the best thing is created.

You can follow me and see my artwork in progress on

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Your wishes and orders I gratefully accept, or phone number +38640351337

Add a new dimension to your eating experiences!

Grega G.

Les slive / Handcarved plum wood ladle (sold) Les marelice / Spalted apricot wood, handcarved, knive finished, decorative bowl (sold) Les slive / Plum wood comb (sold)
Les slive / Handcarved plum wood fork (sold) Les slive / Handcarved plum wood spoons, knive finished, for salt, herbs, sugar.. Les ginka / Ginko biloba wood - Big cooking spoon 49cm, would recommend for decoration (available)

Spoons are crafted in nature, a little bit out of small town Maribor, Slovenia, EU.
Osebno dopolnilno delo, Gregor Gustinčič, Kamniška ul. 52, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia, EU. Tel:040/351337