Creation and philosophy of »VikingSpoon« spoons

Every spoon, ladle, mixing spoon is unique, handcrafted, from local wood, without any power tools, just the way that they were made in the past by people in Ribnica for example and/or Vikings. All that is important for ceaping natural energy – wood vibrations.

Every piece has its own natural energy – vibration, if we feel it or not. By using electric tools we are destroying or at least changing the vibration. For bringing the most benefits possible, it is very important and it is my goal to keep natural, positive vibration.

Natural energy, cosines and attraction of spoon subconsciously rise users their own vibration, attention is focuse on the meal, and that is important for metabolism and for getting the most nourishment possible from their food. Power tools on one side and many things that sourround us on the other and my vibration effects on wood vibration therefore I more or less always create outside.

The story of every spoon begins by the forest, reach of Maribor. There where is peacefull and you can hear only trees rustling in the wind, steps and sounds of dears and birds. Among them there are a lot of woodpeckers, feeding themselves on trees near by. A Woodpecker in my spiritual animal and it looks like I am on the right place to connect with vibration of nature and where I can release my creative energy. Chosen piece of wood, it could be walnut, cherry, apricot or plum I turn and I look for so long that I see the spoon in it. I never do any drawings. I visual the product, its shape in the piece of wood and then I start till it with a machete.

Spooncarves in general use axes, but since I've strarted with the machete I don't want to change my way of creativity and above all – me and my machete- we are inseparabe. Rough shape of spoon I create with machete and than I continue with carving knifes. Creating proces is continued at my home studio in the most time. I continue the work with carving knives, I create the shape and the line of the spoon and I am searching and revealing whatever is the most beautiful an at the same time hiden in the chosen piece of wood.

I create in nice atmosphere of candles, incens, meditative music on certain frequencys (432Hz natural frequency, 528Hz frequency of love), wich provides the positive vibration in all creative proces. Through whole process I visualise the shape of the spoon but I can not go against the wood. The direection of our journey is assigned from both of us, I consider wood wishes too.

I'm convinced, that when the nature, human and piece of wood are united in that kind of way the best thing is created. Because when the nature, cosmic and human creativ energy combines along with the love for creation, the best intention, pleasant feelings keep up the vibration of the user, therefore his health increases. This is how »VikingSpoon is created. The spoon of a higher consciousness.

I pay a lot of attention to sanding, whithin the spoon gets its final line, good grip and good feeling. Every spoon goes through special sanding process which provides long time smoothness regardless of its daily use.

Magic of colors and view in to the depths of wood is reveald with Ecological linseed oil, warmed on wather bath, which provides hardness and protection, so that spoon will serve you with its best power for years and years.

Where the name »VikingSpoon« comes from?

Between searching for information of who was the first spoon maker I founded Vikings, good handcrafters and craftmans. My atention was focused on their horns on helmets, they are very similar indeed to the spoons that I am creating.

When I have deepen into theire horns, I have relized that my view and idea are only limited on cartoons with Vikings. In reality they blow into their horns to communicate. Other sources reveal that they drank out of horns and that they kept magical brew in horns.

Somehow I feel connected to them.

We live in the world where English is understood practical everywhere and because »VikingSpoons« travel all round the world, I use English for naming my products. The word »VikingSpoon« is ectually very interesting, it is made of a word »king« in the conection with a word »spoon« we get another meaning. It means kings spoon or »to eat« in a royal manner. To eat like a king ensures its lightness, cousiness and estetic look. All that provides positive feeling, the vibratoin gets higher, every meal, simple or compllicated is with »VikingSpoon« special.

Add a new dimension to your eating experiences!


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